Mobile Device Remanufacturing

Rapid, reliable repair of any device, from single units to truckloads

Reverse Logistics

We handle the entire process, from original receiving to final shipment

Mobile Device Remanufacturing

Quality Control

3-tier verification ensures the highest quality standards

Mobile Device Remanufacturing

Secure Environments

Secure facilities and procedures plus real-time data access = peace of mind

Mobile Device Remanufacturing
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The mobile device return experts behind your brand

Phoenix Technology Services (PTS) provides flexible, cost-saving solutions to meet the reverse logistics needs of some of the world’s best-known brands. From return through diagnosis and disposition, we manage the entire process while delivering efficient, transparent results.

Why Customers Choose PTS

  • Best repair rates
  • Fast, reliable turnaround
  • Reduced waste
  • Repairs performed in the U.S.
  • Budget-friendly service
  • Asset value upgrade

What Makes us Different?

  • Drop-off, mail-in, pallet lots and truckload returns handled with ease
  • Individual customer repair available
  • Real-time order status and inventory management
  • Detailed analytics and return reason reports

Is your reverse logistics operation optimized for success?

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