Asset Recovery

Our priority is to maximize your assets’ value.  Based on our experience with ever-changing technology, we can help you recover out-of-market products at the end of their life cycle and turn them into revenue.  Here’s how:

Purchasing Option

PTS can purchase your out-of-date electronics, removing them from inventory at a price that meets your expectation.   

Parts Reclamation Option

PTS can reclaim the parts that you need.  Whether functional parts (e.g., main board, LCD, HDD) or cosmetic parts (e.g., covers, buttons, etc.), we can salvage parts by checking functionality and repairing, where appropriate.  This is particularly useful for out-of-date models in which our clients have a need for recovered parts.

Grade-Up Option

Phoenix Technology Services can increase a device’s resale value (grade) by using our proprietary, non-invasive handset polishing solution.  This allows us to offer pristine products into the secondary market while delivering optimal value.


For items where the best option available is recycling, PTS works with certified recycling companies and maintains complete transparency.  We give all recycling credit to our clients and report on results.  Recyclable products include but are not limited to:

  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
  • Metal and plastics
  • Accessories
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