Quality Control

Quality service is essential to driving customer satisfaction and long-term customer relationships. PTS has developed a three-tier verification process to meet the stringent guidelines of mobile device manufacturers. Quality is our highest priority, and we employ continuous improvement practices to ensure the best outcomes.

Refurbishment Quality Guarantee

  • PTS guarantees the quality of our refurbishment services, made possible by our quality protocols:
    • Our internal Quality Control team inspects every unit with the eye of the most discerning customer.
    • Our refurbishment process categorizes each unit’s quality grade, ranging from Like Brand New to Minor Cosmetic Issues Only.  This allows clients to know what to expect of each refurbished product without having to open our damage-free packaging.
  • As a result, we offer a warranty policy similar to the original manufacturer warranty – at no additional cost.

Refurbishment Quality Grade

PTS provides a tailorable quality grading system that can be aligned with client needs.  Sample grades include:

  • GRADE A: “Like Brand New” – Customer will not know the difference when compared to a brand-new product.
  • GRADE B: “Slightly Noticeable” – With a careful look, customers may notice slight marks that indicate that the unit was pre-owned.
  • GRADE C: “Noticeable” – Customer may notice marks that indicate that the unit was pre-owned.q
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